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The Society Of Feline Artists London Exhibition

Annual Exhibition
Llewellyn Alexander Gallery

24th August to 15th September 2017
10am - 7.30pm Tuesday to Saturday

The annual Exhibition for The Society of Feline Artists will take place at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London and feature the work of Full and Associate members of SOFA members. On show will be approximately 300 paintings of cats in oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and etchings - making it the largest exhibition of cat art in the country.

Cats, independent of spirit and full of individual character, have provided perpetual amusement and inspiration for the human race. From the sophistication of the superior pedigrees such as the Chinchilla, Persian, Burmese, Birman, Siamese and Abyssinian to the charm of the friendly domestic tabby or tom. From the playful kitten to the wild cat – the styles and techniques are as various as the numbers of different breeds.

This Exhibition is an important date for the London Diary, and is keenly anticipated by cat lovers and collectors around the world.

Private View

The private view will be held on Tuesday the 29th of August, 10am to 8pm, with a champagne reception from 12pm - 3pm and the official opening with the Llewellyn Alexander Prize and the S.O.F.A. Friends Draw at 2.15.

Llewellyn Alexander Gallery
124 - 126 The Cut
London SE1 8LN
Telephone: 020 7620 1322/4
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