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SOFA Gallery Astrid Ruddick

Address: 65 Willbert Road, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8EE

Astrid's detailed paintings are executed in acrylic medium on paper. Many works feature Siamese cats and Devon Rex cats, for which she has a particular passion.

Astrid accepts commissions for quality cat paintings & portraits.

A Bit of a Squash

Acrylic on paper

Portrait of ET (Cat from India)
Acrylic on paper

Casing The Joint

Acrylic on paper
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Acrylic on paper

Top Of The Pots

Annera Abu Simbel and Annera Cleo

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Siamese Cats and Lilies

Sacred Beings

Size 16" x 23".
Acrylic on paper.

Trouble and Stripes in the Pantry